Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is it possible to do the BPO report remotely?
Real Estate agents from U.S trained us to perform BPO's and we work as assistants to them. Looking at the Google maps and other sites we really know the specialties of the neighborhood and the value comparisons and MLS also helps us for the same.
We broadly classify the work involved in a BPO as following

  • Data search (Finding the subject property details, finding the comps from the MLS).
  • Data entry using MLS information (including the photographs uploading).
  • Taking the subject photographs from the site.
  • Uploading the photographs to the client site and completion of the BPO.

3.How can I give you the access to my login information and How do I prevent misuse??
We are registered under the Registrar of Companies act. We can sign confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements with you. This will ensure the safety and we undertake not to use your credentials for any other purpose.

4. Do you do Interior BPO reports also?
Yes we do Interiors and work on a flat rate to you.

5. Are you familiar with REO reports?
Yes we are familiar with REO reports.

6. What is the Turn-around time (TAT) you offer?
Rush orders are delivered over night (During your night time we work). Normal reports are delivered in 12 hours. (For you it is one working day and two nights.)

7. Can you provide me any references?
We have clients in many US counties. We can provide them for your reference. For confidentiality reasons, we do not publish the client profile. Please ask us if you need any reference.